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Protecting a cottage, cabin, shack, or any property that will be unattended for a length of time is important on many levels. Insurance companies are now stickier than ever when it comes to insurance claims based on water damage. Most companies now require a 48 hour check up on the property when the owners are away from the premise for a length of time. The Sensaphone cottage sitter will be one way to alleviate the insurance company’s persistence on checking the premise every 48 hours. For $150-$450, a DIY (Do It Yourself) tool such as a Sensaphone or Freeze Alarm will get you out of a potential big bill for the person checking every 48 hours, as well as an alert to the user’s cell phone or email at the time an alarm condition is met. The protection Sensaphone  offers will give the user peace of mind knowing they are covered in the event of a possible pipe break or freezing. The system contacts anyone linked to the device through telephone number, text, email, etc. The Sensaphone 400 Cottage Sitter itself has 4 phone numbers it can dial to at any one time. If the devices get upgrade to the Sensaphone 800, then 8 phone numbers are able to be called in the event of a problem. In the world of smart technology, these devices are a stop forward in the right directing. The user is able to not only get an alert from the Sensaphone at the time of a leak, but also allows the user to control the thermostat with their phone. That enables anyone to program or “set” the thermostat to be on a few hours before they get home. Cooling or warming the place will be done well in advanced if programmed properly from the persons phone. Sensaphone 400 1 - Sensaphone 400 Alarm Dialer 1 - Power Adapter for Sensaphone Alarm Dialer 1 - 2.8K Thermistor hooked up to Zone 1 for temperature monitoring Manual Mounting Hardware 1 - 6 foot phone cord 1 - Phone Jack Extension for Line Seizure Feature In addition to the Sensaphone 400 Cottage Sitter, if a land line is not possible in the remote location that the cottage or cabin is in, no problem! The Huawei B890 is a cellular service 4G LTE hub that acts similar to a cell phone but allows any device such as a laptop, or cell phone to be connected to it. The unit requires an active SIM Card to be installed into the hub in order to properly dial out if needed. The SIM card can be used on a pay as you go plan, or even a regular monthly plan. One benefit of the Huawei is when the 4G or LTE is not available in the region or location it’s in, it will revert to the HSPA network and continue working the whole time. Features Smart Hub allows up to 32 users and a land line phone Provides 4G LTE speeds for Internet on the go Comes with Ethernet ports for up to 4 computers or other devices Will fall back to HSPA network when 4G/LTE is unavailable Data service Voice service SMS Security Service Local maintenance management function Freeze Alarms Three (3) variations of freeze alarm allow users to track their cabin/cottage for any kind of water leak or damage that can occur via temperature. Basic FA700 The Homesitter is a cost effective way of monitoring for water leaks, power failure, or temperature. It can automatically call three (3) phone numbers from anywhere in the world. There are no monitoring fees and no installation. There is an alarm powered by 2 “AA” batteries (Not Included) that alarms when there is a low battery. The temperature it can monitor is below 45°F or 7°C, and above 85°F or 34°C. Intermediate FA-I-CCA The Freeze Alarm Intermediate can check for the current temperature at any time by way of any phone in the world. Three (3) phone numbers are able to be programmed to be called once an alarm condition is met. Battery backup ensures that even during power failures the Freeze Alarm will continue to work. The call will continue until it is acknowledged that a problem is imminent. The unit is not just for cool temperatures, but hot ones as well. Greenhouses, freezers, and other types of buildings can be monitors by the Freeze Alarm Intermediate. Deluxe FA-D2 The Freeze Alarm Deluxe is the ultimate in freeze protection. The remote monitoring includes, low and high temperatures, power failure, leaks, power failures, and intruders. Three (3) phone numbers can be called when the alarm is set off. It must be acknowledged when the phone numbers are called or it will continue to alarm. Phone in to the device will allow the temperature to be checked or even set while away to be ready for when the user gets home. No Installation and no monitoring fees. WaterAlarm and MiniAlarm are included in this package in order to prevent against intruders and water leaks for appliances such as washing machines.
Cottage Sitter Temperature and Power Alarms
Freeze Alarms and Temperature Alarms for your Cottage